Spiritual Numerology

Spiritual Numerology with New Orleans Medium Melinda Mae Miller
Spiritual Numerology with New Orleans Medium Melinda Mae Miller

A full numerology chart lays out what you planned for your life similar to an astrological chart. By understanding and working with the energy, instead of against it, we can plan projects and life changes to ride that energy and smooth our life path.
In this class we will go over how to find the major life numbers, including karmic lessons and debts, and what they mean. We will also talk about the basic positive and negative aspects of each number and how they relate to each position on your chart.

Aspects we will cover include

  • Life path numbers
  • Expression numbers
  • How people see you and how you see yourself (helpful if you struggle in work or personal relationships)
  • Karmic lessons and karmic debts
  • Personal month and year numbers and how to work with them

Bring a notebook, a calculator and a sense of humor ❤👅😁



Lawrence, KS February 2018

Spiritual Numerology Lawrence, Kansas
General Admission-SNEB Lawrence, KS25.00 USDREGISTER PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 1 Class fee for one student
General Admission--SN Lawrence, KS35.00 USDREGULAR Class fee for one student
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