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Kylie Slavik, entrepreneur, and digital marketing expert,
Kylie Slavik, entrepreneur, and digital marketing expert,

“Melinda has an incredible talent and gift and I was so happy when she told me she was going to start using it to help entrepreneur’s see more clearly in business! I had a session with her and she shared some key insights that helped me navigate with new clients – she helped me see which projects to say yes to, which to say no to, and what way to go! Her personality and straightforwardness make the business sessions a true pleasure. If you can work with her, I would totally do it! It could save you years of pain or just give you the next steps you need to move forward with power, clarity, and ease. And she will definitely make you laugh!” – Kylie Slavik, Digital Marketing Expert

Your business has an energy in the universe that is as strong as your personal energy. Tapping into that field can bring guidance and direction in any aspect of your professional endeavors.

Business readings look at the energy around your enterprises to help with decisions at every level, from choosing clients to what goes on your printed matter, and can be tailored to your specific needs or concerns right now. Melinda’s business clients have consulted on a variety of topics, from updating their marketing to expanding an existing business.

KC Bushnell, owner of Personal Power Wholeness and Pilates
KC Bushnell, owner of Personal Power Wholeness and Pilates

“The Business Reading Melinda gave me was spot on AND very useful.  I’m in the middle of transitioning my Pilates Studio into a Wholeness Studio (something she didn’t know at the time) and the transitioning wasn’t happening.  I was stuck and my studio was ‘dead’.  I was able to start using some of the suggestions Melinda gave me right away, and right away ‘life’ began coming back to my business.  As I have continued to put all of her suggestions to use, my business is growing, transitioning, and prospering…THANK-YOU Melinda!!!!” – KC Bushnell, owner, Personal Power Pilates and Wholeness Studio,

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