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Stacie Montie, Lumberton, Texas
Stacie Montie, Lumberton, Texas


You are amazing. Just amazing. I’ve now had 3 readings. Every single one has been spot on. I just can’t say enough good about you. But to anyone with questions, be assured, she is the real deal.

                         –Stacie Montie, Lumberton, Texas


I was just finishing up a private reading with a local client when a notification popped up on my tablet. An out of state client needed a quick consultation right away. I pinged her on Skype.

“Nora*, how are you? What’s going on with you?” I was a little concerned simply because she didn’t normally get readings on short notice. She’d been crying; the makeup under her eyes was a bit smeared, though it was obvious she had tried to fix herself up so it wouldn’t show. Her eyes were red; she sniffled a bit and clutched a damp tissue to her nose for a second. “Oh, no….how can I help you, Nora?” She gave me a quick run down on the relationship issue she wanted guidance on. She had been seeing this man for awhile; now she had some concerns about his behavior.

I closed my eyes and got into my “zone,” allowing my energy to expand and blend. I told her what I could see. She asked me a few more specific questions, then we wrapped up the call.

The entire reading took ten minutes.

Feeling the need for a quick reading for advice or guidance is not at all uncommon with my clients. You don’t always need an hour to get the answers you’re looking for, sometimes you just need a few minutes to ask a few questions. My quick guidance over Skype readings were developed for that purpose.

With the big internet psychic sites you really don’t know who you are getting or what their skill level is. And the fees? Most of them are pretty high–way more than my regular hourly rate. I decided to offer these quick readings for people who:

  • Just need quick guidance on a specific issue
  • Need help immediately
  • Don’t necessarily need a 60 minute reading to get what they’re looking for
  • Want to talk to a real medium with a proven skill set

When you book a quick reading with me, you know you are working with a respected, highly trained advisor who has helped thousands of people. It’s super easy to set up, too.

  1. Use this link to register
  2. Click the link in your confirmation email to go to the Click to Call page
  3. Follow the instructions on the Click to Call page to set up your call
  4. I will respond by Skype chat with an eta just as soon as I get your notification

If you don’t need quick guidance now, bookmark this page so you have it when you do need it.

I look forward to serving you!

*Names have been changed for privacy

Debbie Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana
Debbie Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana

“About three weeks before I met Melinda, I put a wish out to the universe of how cool it would be to have a random encounter with a medium. Little did I know this was about to happen. I went to a party with some high school friends and was told we had a medium coming. I was thrilled and hoped I would get a reading. As it turned out, Melinda brought through four of my loved ones with such detail that I was left stunned. She brought through their personality, what they died from, looked like and even what was happening in my life. But I was most blown away when my grandfather in spirit gave Melinda my mother’s name – Gerry. She asked me ‘Who is Gerry?’ Never before was a reading so detailed. Not only did I get loving messages but was also asked to give some family members a message as well. Melinda is the real deal and it is her mission to bring love and healing to help us move forward from the loss of our loved ones. Melinda was chosen and accepted this incredible gift and continues to learn from the best teachers in the world to bring the most accurate and loving messages possible. This is an experience everyone should have and I cannot recommend Melinda highly enough.”

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