Video: Unlocking Your Intuition

You KNOW there is more going on around you than you can see with your eyes.

You feel it–sometimes physically–in your gut.

You KNOW that feeling when you get it. Sometimes you talk yourself out of listening to it, and later you kick yourself for ignoring it because IT WAS RIGHT!

“If only I could learn to trust it,” you think.

I want to teach you how.

Join me for four weeks of LIVE intuition training.

How many times have you let yourself get talked out of following that feeling?


That feeling in your gut, that intuition, has a name. It’s called CLAIRSENTIENCE. And I’m here to tell you it can be controlled and refined once you learn to trust it.

Did you know clairsentience has a basis in biology? Did you know it’s a natural part of being human?

Learning to trust, control and nurture your intuition is a powerful tool that can help you in all aspects of your life, from relationships to the business world.

I’d like to show you how to do that.

In the past my clients have paid well over $500 for my full 8 hour intuition training, but I’m offering it to you right now for $247

$597 $247 ✔ [swpm_payment_button id=449]

Over the next four weeks, we will be covering all aspects of opening up and trusting your natural intuition.

8 hours of LIVE classes start Monday, October 23 at 9 pm eastern/6 pm pacific and continue weekly through November 13.

If you can’t attend live, DON’T WORRY!

Replays will be available in my members area for you to watch and learn on your own time.

All classes include question and answer time, so if you ever feel stuck I’ll be there to help. You can even email me if you have questions after watching a replay. I’m always accessible because it is my mission as a medium to teach people how to rise to their potential ❤

Like I said earlier, in the past clients have paid well over $500 for access to this material, but if you register now this 8 hour live class is only $247.

$597 $247 ✔ [swpm_payment_button id=449]

Sharing the wonders of our invisible senses is one of my passions. It’s my calling. I hope you’ll take advantage of this special offer so I can share it with you ❤❤