Life as Human:  Simple Steps to Soul Alignment


An inspirational, no bs guide to connecting to your soul and understanding your purpose

by a medium who learned it the hard way.


Coming in 2018


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What is Life as Human?


Your soul is not something you need to search for. Your soul is already front and center in your life. The trick isn’t how to connect to your soul--the trick is how do you learn to shed the biology that prevents you from stepping into alignment with the purpose of your human existence?




“My experience on the train in Germany was proof, to me, that our consciousness is our soul. It's not that complicated. Our higher consciousness is the higher knowledge of our soul. Our waking consciousness is the part of the soul that we work with every single day.”

                                    -- Melinda Mae Miller, “Life as Human”



In "Life as Human," medium Melinda Mae Miller uses extraordinary experiences from her life to illustrate how she came to understand the nature of our spirituality and was led to share the information with others.


Part one of "Life as Human" starts with Melinda’s first extraordinary experience at the age of three and takes you through highlights of her life until a mid-life crisis led her back to a path of spiritual development. Through visions in meditation that eventually played out as real events in her life, it was proved to her that the information she receives is true. These visions and  experiences tell the story of who we really are and the nature of human existence.


In part two of "Life as Human," Melinda outlines the basic first steps to move into alignment with your soul. When you step into alignment, the path to the purpose of your existence begins to unfold for you with very little effort. She teaches you how to recognize and understand your biological fears--the energy and processes that keep you chained to a lower vibration. As your vibration rises, the path you chose for yourself before your human birth will begin to unfold for you with very little effort. Living this path of unfoldment leads you to the goals you created for yourself at the soul level.


You are a spiritual being having a human experience. "Life as Human" is a handbook for straddling your spiritual and human existence. It is a guide for removing the roadblocks that keep you from your full spiritual potential.


Spirituality isn’t complicated. Life as human shouldn’t be, either.

Download your free sample chapter now

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Debbie Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana
"About three weeks before I met Melinda, I put a wish out to the universe of how cool it would be to have a random encounter with a medium. Little did I know this was about to happen. I went to a party with some high school friends and was told we had a medium coming. I was thrilled and hoped I would get a reading. As it turned out, Melinda brought through four of my loved ones with such detail that I was left stunned. She brought through their personality, what they died from, looked like and even what was happening in my life. But I was most blown away when my grandfather in spirit gave Melinda my mother's name - Gerry. She asked me 'Who is Gerry?' Never before was a reading so detailed. Not only did I get loving messages but was also asked to give some family members a message as well. Melinda is the real deal and it is her mission to bring love and healing to help us move forward from the loss of our loved ones. Melinda was chosen and accepted this incredible gift and continues to learn from the best teachers in the world to bring the most accurate and loving messages possible. This is an experience everyone should have and I cannot recommend Melinda highly enough." -- Debbie Hall, New Orleans, LA
Stacie Montie, Lumberton, Texas   "You are amazing. Just amazing. I've now had 3 readings. Every single one has been spot on. I just can't say enough good about you. But to anyone with questions, be assured, she is the real deal."

                         --Stacie Montie, Lumberton, Texas



About the Author

If you ask Melinda Mae Miller to describe herself, she will tell you she’s a “regular, street-pounding medium.” What she means is that some mediums are called to the public eye to open up our awareness, but others are called to do the work on the ground, and that is where she serves. Melinda travels ten months a year teaching people about the nature of spirit, connecting people to their loved ones and, as she says, “sharing the love.”

Melinda came to her mediumship late in life and reluctantly, but since embracing who she is she has traveled the world as a medium, sharing love and knowledge from the spirit world with the people who need it.

She had her first psychic experience at the age of three, and by fifteen, trying to appear “normal”, she was hiding her psychic abilities from her friends and family. Her mediumship became overwhelming after a traumatic mid-life crisis, and Melinda began a course of meditation and classes to learn to control her connection to the spirit world. She stayed on this path for several years until she felt the calling to share her spiritual knowledge with others on a spiritual path.

Born in Seattle and raised in northern California, Melinda made her home in New Orleans several years ago. Since then she has studied with many of the world’s great contemporary mediums, including John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell, and Minister Colin Bates. She has also studied at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK.

Melinda continues to teach and see clients on the road wherever she is called to serve.