Evergreen, CO June 2018

Namaste Healing, Evergreen, Colorado

Spiritual Numerology–Decoding Your Life
June 3, 2018 9 AM


A full numerology chart lays out what you planned for your life similar to an astrological chart. By understanding and working with the energy, instead of against it, we can plan projects and life changes to ride that energy and smooth our life path…(read more)




June 17, 2018 9 AM


Dreams are more than just a mechanism to occupy your brain while you sleep. Dreams can also help us solve problems and give us information about the world around us. Dreams give us access to our own higher consciousness and the greater universal consciousness around us. Learning to work with them opens up new tools for problem solving and life planning…(read more)



SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JUNE 9-10, 2018 12-4 pm (2 days)


Using the Clairs is a psychic development course designed to put you in touch with all of your psychic “feelers.” Each clair will be explained and defined so you learn how to recognize and trust them in yourself. We will discuss what they are, how to identify them and how to strengthen them–with lots of practical hands-on excercises, feedback and discussion...(read more)



You Are Not Alone: An Evening of Mediumship
Friday June 15, 2018, 6 pm


What is a demonstration of mediumship?

A mediumship demonstration is when a medium delivers messages from loved ones in spirit to an audience, like what you see on TV when a medium works in front of a studio audience. The purpose of a mediumship demonstration is to provide evidence of survival and proof that our loved ones in spirit are still part of our lives.

Consciousness survives, and your spirit brethren want you to know that.

While I work very hard to deliver as many messages as possible in the time allowed, due to group size and time constraints, I cannot guarantee everyone will receive a message.

Before we get started there will be a short talk about what mediumship is and why it exists, with time for questions at the end of the evening.