How many times have you been thinking of a loved one who has passed when, all of a sudden, something unusual happens...


...their favorite song comes on the radio look down and find a shiny dime


...a light starts to flicker


These things are NOT coincidences!


These things, and more,are real signs that your loved ones are around you all the time.


Wouldn't it be nice to know for sure?


Now you can!


In my LIVE webinar, You Are Not Alone, I'm going to explain to you how these things are possible and how you can know, with confidence, you are receiving virtual hugs from your loved ones in sprit.


Join me LIVE on August 1, 2018


to learn how to recognize the signs and get your questions answered. I won't be doing this again online for quite awhile --


and I'd love to have you join us!



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Your loved ones are all around you trying to let you know they are still part of your life!



 You do not need a medium to read the signs your loved ones are sending you. They WANT you to know they are near!

Please join me August 1, 2018 for a LIVE webinar with Q&A about recognizing the signs your loved ones use to communicate with you from the spirit plane. 

In this talk we will cover:

• The science behind mediumship and higher consciousness communication

• Common things your people do to communicate with you

• Things you can do to communicate with your loved ones

• The purpose of mediumship as an intermediary

• When to hire a medium

• Questions to ask before you schedule your appointment

This live webinar includes a question and answer session, so If you've ever had questions about mediumship or psychic ability, now is your chance to ask a medium!




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