Beaumont: Small Group Mediumship I

True mediumship brings evidence of the survival of consciousness.
Mediumship exists to provide evidence of survival and evidence that your loved ones in spirit are still part of your life.
Mediumship exists to facilitate the healing of grief and the sharing of love between worlds.
New Orleans Medium Melinda Mae Miller is pleased to offer an intimate evening of mediumship in a small group setting at Sawdust Saloon in Beaumont on Wednesday, April 25 at 7:00 pm.
Each participant will receive a message from a loved one in spirit. Melinda will talk about the nature of mediumship, the relationship of our spirit family to our lives here and explain signs you can look for that show you your loved ones are still part of your life.
Admission is $60 per person.
Seating is strictly limited to SIX (6) PARTICIPANTS, first come, first served.
Melinda Mae Miller is medium based in New Orleans, LA. She has dedicated her life to studying mediumship and our connection to Spirit with some of the best mediums in the world. She now travels ten months a year to bring this information to those who need it. Her book, “Life as Human,” will be published later this month.
Reservations are strongly encouraged. Use the link below to reserve your seat:
General Admission60.00 USDOne seat For small group mediumship reading
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